Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm in love with quilts!  I just love them and the more unique and "loved" they are the more I love them!  I am not a "master" quilter but have made some and have been gifted with many. The little mini quilt hanging on the door is one I made with 3-D butterflies, yo-yo flowers and a variety of blocks.  I love to hang this one up in the spring and summer. 
On the rack in front is a very old quilt I purchased this summer at a thrift store . . paid $10 for it!  An older lady in the store told it was from the 1890s.  It shows some wear on the back and edges but is in great condition.  Behind it is a granny square afghan that my mom crocheted . . . a true treasure.
After our house fire in July 1994 we were gifted with several quilts and . . unfortunately, you can't see it . . one from one of the fire department womens auxiliary groups is hanging in the center of the rack.  Cozy!  Comforting!  Beautiful!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


My daughter, glamping partner and best friend, Robin . . aka "Birdie".  One of our favorite things to do together is spend time enjoying a coffee drink, a scone and chit-chat at Starbucks!  Our relationship is just such a TREASURE!   THANK YOU ROBIN  and THANK YOU LORD!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, Bramble was patiently waiting for Robin and I on the trail on our recent hike up the Calico Trail during our glamping trip in southwest Colorado.  We had stopped to take pics with our phones and Bramble decided to rest in the trail while we messed around.  But this is definitely a look of "any time now . . can we get moving, please?"  She had such fun hiking and sniffing everything!  She is also such a joy!  Thanks for your patience, sweet doggie!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

bounty from PAONIA & HOTCHKISS

My daughter and I recently enjoyed a Farmgirls on the Loose Road trip in Colorado and visited several of the farmgirls that are also members of our Farmgirls Southwest Henhouse.  We were treated like royalty!  We brought home some fresh cherries from Laurie's orchard in Hotchkiss and pickled green beans from Rain's bounty in Paonia.  YUM!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

enjoying the "BUCK SNORT SALOON"

While Robin and I were visiting Debbie & Marilyn in the Florissant/Divide/Woodland Park area wewere blessed with a surprise visit from Tammy from California.  Picked her up at Denver International Airport and then we were taken into the woods to Sphinx Park and to the Buck Snort Saloon where we enjoyed peace and quiet and a very delicious dinner . . accompanied by some Farmgirls Southwest Henhouse "Chick" fun!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

more FARMGIRL FUN on the Western Slope!

With my daughter on a recent "Farmgirls on the Loose' Road trip we had the wonderul privilege
of meeting up and spending time with more Colorado Farmgirls.  These gals are also in our Farmgirls Southwest Henhouse.   Rain Klepper from Paonia in the left, me, Laurie Conner from Hotchkiss and my daughter Robin.
In the top picture we are in Rain's amazing studio at her home.
In the lower picture we had just finished a fabulous dinner at the Flying Fork restaurant in Paonia, CO.  We were able to eat in and enjoy the outdoor patio/garden area of the restaurant.
What a fun time with Farmgirl Friends!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


On our glamping trip we had ice cream treats at the camp store.  Bramble got one of the spoon and I got the other!  Refreshing!  Yummy!
Happy glamping farmgirl!
Happy doggie friend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

gone GLAMPING . . . again!!

It's been too-o-o-o long!  So, my daughter, Robin and I, are at it again.  This time in Colorado in the San Juan Mountains by the Dolores River . . cool, fresh, quiet.  And we have a new tent with a porch!  We love the porch!  We love spending time together and building our "girl fort", just enjoying our friendship . . . we're more than mother/daughter!