Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


On a recent visit to my daughter, Robin's, house I decided to take this pic of her stack of glamping suitcases.  They are arranged in a corner of her hallway and surrounded by some other treasures of bears, a birdhouse I made for her from scraps from our family farm, a wall quilt and matching sunbonnet girl I made for her, etc.

The bottom case is one from her paternal grandparents home and isn't actually used for trips.  The other four are some we've found along the way in thrift stores and are great for our glamping trips!!

Looking forward to the 2014 glamping season!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Our new little kitty, Silky, has discovered the back of the loveseat right behind my head as a nice place to nap.  If I'm sitting there she likes to sniff my hair, gently play with it and cozy up to my head.  She really doesn't do much "damage" and it doesn't take her long to settle down for a little snooze.
She's a tortoiseshell kitty we adopted in mid-September, just a year old in early September.  She's sweet, affectionate and entertaining!   We are really enjoying her!

Monday, January 20, 2014


A glamper friend, who lives in Massachusetts, gifted our REIVER'S REST with this beautiful wool tartan plaid throw/blanket made in Scotland.   She found it at an estate sale, thought of us, our colors and our Scottish themed, shabby-chic, cottage style glamper trailer.   It arrived in the mail this past week and I'm just tickled all shade of pink!  It is beautiful, warm, cozy and the colors are a great compliment to our glamper trailer.  Thank you Sandi!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I live in the southwest corner of Colorado, within 50 miles of the Four Corners Monument (where the states Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet).  That means I can see mountains in these other states if they are close to the state line.   These mountains are the Blue Mountains and they are in Utah, not far from Monticello, Utah.  I was driving Colorado Highway 491 earlier in December on my way to the small farming community of Pleasant View, Colorado, and decided to stop for this photo op.  It had just snowed the day before and the morning sun was shining on the peaks.  The mountains are in Utah, but I was still in Colorado.  They are beautiful but "my mountains" in Colorado that I can see from my kitchen window are more beautiful!

Monday, January 6, 2014


God is good and He is the One who carries us through each day.  He provides, protects, encourages, comforts, directs our paths, holds us close to His heart and loves in a way that we don't really comprehend or understand and certainly can't measure.
He is our Hope!  He is my Hope!  Hope not only for January but for every day ahead of us/me!