Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BRAMBLE and ME . . . on a HIKE!

I love "my mountains" and, as we did last summer, my hubby and I are trying to take one day a week to go on a mountain escape.  We can hike, picnic, soak our feet in the Dolores River . . . whatever. we want to enjoy the coolness, quiet, and stunning beauty of our Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Bramble loves to go to the mountains as well and is an excellent hiker dog.  She stays on the trail, stays with us and just enjoys it so much.
This hike was near Little Bear trail and we chose some lavender wild mountain asters for our foreground.  Lots of wonderful, beautiful wild flowers!

Friday, July 25, 2014


The Colorado Columbine is the Colorado state flower and grows wild in the mountains of Colorado.  It can be found in any number of places, including growing up through cracks in rocks which seems almost impossible.  They are also my favorite flower and I am always looking for them when we are on our mountain getaways.  This one and a few others near it are growing near some Colorado Blue Spruce trees along the Little Bear Trail high in the San Juan Mountains range of the Colorado Rocky mountains.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


This adorable soft sculpture rooster was given to me by a farmgirl friend, Debbie.  I named him "Mr. Cocka-doodle-blue" and he goes glamping with my daughter, Robin and me!  He's just one of our glamping companions.  Last summer he went with us on our 3-Week Glamping Roadtrip, traveling over 4000 miles with us!  He sits in the back window of whatever vehicle we're driving and smiles at folks following us.
When not traveling he sits on a display table in my living room area and reminds me fond glamping memories!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


This photo is actually from a glamping adventure my daughter, Robin, and I enjoyed in 2012.  We spent five days by the Dolores River at Priest Gulch Campground, nearby to my house here in southwest Colorado.  We were there on the holiday as well and just enjoyed the daylights out of the holiday . . . and the entire time we were there!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 While my daughter was visiting in June, we went thrifting, which is one of our favorite things to do together.  In one of the shops I spied this old wooden ironing board.  In really good condition but someone had used magic marker to write a name on it and there was no price tag on it.  I figured that, if the price was right, I'd take it and cover it with vintage linens.

Shopkeeper said the price was $3.00!   Well, that settled that . . . so I loaded it up in my car and it came to live at my house.  Only needed a bit of Titebond wood glue to reglue the end of one wooden strip.

I'm tickled to have it to also use with our glamping setup.  And when it's not being used for something special it will be folded up, leaning in my project room and wearing an ivory colored vintage apron!!!