Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Sunday, March 31, 2013


For our recent "Backyard Glamper Party & Sleepover" we had  "TEA at TWO" on Friday, March 22nd.  The delectables for our tea were made by some of our farmgirl friends.  Rali, who lives in Scottsdale, brought over tea sandwiches AND these tiny scones with clotted cream.  There were two kinds of scones, poppyseed and cranberry.  With the clotted cream and strawberries and a wonderful cup of tea . . . LOVELY!!!  YUMMY!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


 I noticed this gorgeous hawk sitting in the very tippy top of a very tall, old cottonwood tree at the NE corner of our property and not very far from our house.  My hubby says he thinks it is a FERRUGINOUS HAWK.  He didn't seem too concerned with my presence, probably has seen us many times.  This tree is a favorite for many birds and we've seen bald eagles, vultures and Canada geese perched up there . . . and I mean UPPPPPP there!  Just love to see them there!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

my "GLAMPER GIRL" traincase . . another MAKEOVER

 Okay, one was not enough, I just HAD to do another case.  This is another Samsonite Silhouette case, in a blue which was an okay color.  But these fun "Glamping' prints (Mary Janes designs) were just hollaring at me to put them on a case.  So I did and with some ribbon, rick-rack, buttons, funky brads, etc.  Now, I going to load up my personal things and go glamping!   Yessirree!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My "FARMGIRL SISTER" train case

 Some of us girls are wild about vintage train cases and some of us also like to do "makeovers" on them.   This is a Samsonite case in a horrid shade of green that I just do not like!  Well, some fabric, ribbon, rick-rack, silk flowers, adhesive and Mod-Podge took care of that!  This is my "Farmgirl Sister" train case and I'm just tickled pink with it.  For now it carries my stitching and crafting projects for when I want them to go with me.  The entire package will most certainly be going glamping with me!