Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Monday, June 30, 2014


On my last trip to our local salvage yard with my hubby, I spotted these very old tractors that had obviously been sitting there for a long time.  Growing up on a farm where there were always tractors I was thinking about the work these pieces of machinery did, the farmers who drove them, etc.  The upper one is an old Case but I was unable to find anything on the other one to indicate its make.  Memories!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I have a little space in my yard tucked in some aspen trees and a Colorado Blue Spruce tree that I call my "Aspen Arbor".  I have a comfy chair, an overturned washtub "end table", a very old woodstove (just for decor), a vintage birdcage, a section of weathered white picket fence, and a few odds and ends.  
In front of this section of fence are these absolutely gorgeous irises.  One of my favorite colors is purple and I just think these irises are stunning!  What a pleasure to enjoy!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Snapdragons are one of my favorite flowers and I love that mine bloom for a really long time.  These beauties are in a little bed at the edge of the deck on the east side of our house. I also like to collect old metal objects, farm implements, etc. and an old milk bucket from our family farm is in the backdrop while a funky metal flower with metal petals is positioned at the end of the bed, right next to the snapdragons!  They are right by the pathway across the deck and into the backdoor and are very cheery!