Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Monday, October 27, 2014


My daughter, Robin, and I working as Sweep Crew at the 2010 Santa Barbara, CA AVON Walk for Breast Cancer event

Wellness Village at the 2011 Rocky Mountains AVON Walk for Breast Cancer Event, Frisco, CO .  We worked as Quick Stop C Crew members at this event
October is the "official" month for Breast Cancer Awareness and my daughter and I try to focus on what we can to honor and remember.  We know that those fighting this battle fight it all year. . . long and hard . . . so we'd like to encourage folks to be aware, sensitive, giving, sharing, honoring,  and encouraging!
Robin and I have participated in breast cancer awareness/fundraising events for the past decade, which include the Komen Race for the Cure, Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, Relay for Life and AVON Walk for Breast Cancer.  We have worked as crew members and we have walked these events, which have taken us to different locations across the US, from Charlotte, North Carolina to San Diego, CA.  I have truly been honored to have Robin along side in our endeavors as the "Celtic Hearts" team.

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