Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Monday, March 19, 2012

these boots were made for "FARMGIRLS ON THE LOOSE"

On Friday night, Saturday, March 16th, Robin and I dressed up for supper (that's how we say it out west).  We went to the Rock Springs Cafe not far from our "glamp-site" in Black Canyon City, Arizona for some great grub and exquisitely wonderful homemade Pecan pie a la mode. The black boots are on my feet and the red ones on Robin's.  Go to the Farmgirl Connection forum and to the OUTPOST section and find the thread titled "TENT GLAMPING" - Photo Journal, for lots of pics and comments about our "glamping" trip this past weekend.  AND, come back because I still have more  pics to post!
What utter JOY to spend this time with my only daughter . . and best friend!!!!

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  1. We called it "supper" too where I originally came from...Northern Minnesota. Small mining town where we didn't stand on pretense. Just down home folk!

    Glad you two had a great glamping experience. Hope to see you down the road or in our neck o' the woods someday.