Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Saturday, April 18, 2015


As is typical in our part of the country we get a mix of weather in the springtime.  For a while we'd been having warm weather but with our usual spring winds on some days (not pleasant!).  This week brought in clouds, cooler temps and then about two inches of very wet snow last night. It's melting quickly but I decided to use some of it to get some moisture into the potting soil in some pots I want to use.  Want to plant herbs in one and sweet flowers in one . . . not sure yet about the third one.  But this will moisten the soil in a gradual manner!

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  1. Hope you are having better weather now that we seem to be in full Spring. Thanks for your lovely thoughts, card and prayers. I think I am on the mend and have three important Doctor appointments in the next couple of weeks, so hoping they will get me squared away. Hugs.