Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Friday, March 7, 2014


It's impossible to take a picture of my apron collection and show you each one.  I am an "Apronista" which means I make and sell aprons.  This is part of my collection and there are 17 aprons hanging on this hook in my kitchen next to the frig.  There are bib aprons and waist aprons, some are vintage and some I made.  There is a BBQ apron for my hubby and some for breast cancer events that my daughter and I do together.
These do not include some of the ones that I use for Farmers Market, or my special holiday aprons. And the vintage ones from my mother-in-law are not in this photo.
The red, farm animal, "farmgirl" apron on the left and the one with denim blue ruffle and red rick-rack is a laundry items toss print both of which I made and they are favorites!!!!
Mercy me!!

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  1. I LOVE all your aprons! Mine are all hanging on a hook on the door to the laundry room but I only have 10. :)