Scottish Thistles

Scottish Thistles

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

now ALEX begins his "GROWN-UP" Life

We just returned from a trip to Glendale, Arizona where we enjoyed the activities of Alex's high school graduation.   He is actually our "step"-grandson, but still our grandson.  He's a really swell guy and has been such a joy to get to know.  He was in 5th grade when our daughter married into their family.
In this picture from left to right is my hubby, Bill, me, Alex, Jim (our son-in-law) and our daughter, Robin . . . who is also my best friend.  In front, kinda scrunched down is Delia, our "step"-daughter/granddaughter.  She is 20, graduated and on her own. Jim's mom, Mary, was also there (she's taking the picture), having flown out from Vermont.  It was VERY, VERY HOT and we are thankful for air conditioning. It was a wonderful time to be together and to celebrate.

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